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Program Selection


 On the application deadline, the selections in the system are final and will be delivered to the programs a few days following this deadline.

Guidelines for Designating Programs

Work with the clerkship coordinator at  your school to designate programs suited for you.

Selecting Programs

To view the list of programs to select, click on the Program Designation tab. Go to the Search for programs section to find programs.  There are several ways you can search for programs:

  • Name of the program
  • City
  • State
  • Program Status
  • Month/Year
  • Any combination of the four

The programs will be listed in the Program Listing section.  There is more than one page that can be viewed at the bottom of the initial list if there are more than four programs that popped up from the search. 

Once the programs appear, you will be able to designate which months by preference you would like to attend the program.  Students can choose up to three preferences per program.  You can choose the same months on more than one program.  However, students are only able to designate four programs per month through the first round. 8 Programs per month through the second round. And 12 programs per month through the third and final round.   After making your designations, make sure you click on the "Save Changes" button.


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