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Offer Rounds

In order to standardize delivery times, the offers are made in rounds. 

In September, the applications are delivered to programs.  For the next two weeks, programs review applications and rank students for offers.  Offers are made based on the ranking list submitted by the programs and the total number of positions available per month. Once the Student portal reopens, students will be able to accept program offers.  If a program has three positions for June, then three offers will go out for that month. Applicants have 48 hrs to accept the position. If they have not accepted the position by the deadline, the offer expires, the rotation is automatically marked as declined and the next student on the list receives an offer in the next round.

There will be a total of three rounds.  If there are any spots left at the end of the rounds, the programs will extend offers directly to the students via the website.


Be sure of the programs that you would like to clerk for that month before accepting that position. Any changes to your clerkships after confirming the month with the program will have to go through the clerkship coordinator at your school.  Depending on your school policy, you may not be able to make changes, so be certain.

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