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Offering and Accepting Positions

Making Offers

After viewing applicant files the program can check off Offer or Decline for the applicant in the month they choose.   Students can check how many offers were made by month and pending requests by going to the Program Selection tab.  The status will also appear on the homepage.

Programs should have reviewed all applications and made initial offers by October for the Initial applications. 

Accepting/Declining Positions

On the left hand side, click view to select the offer.  The program will appear in the middle of the screen under Program Listing.  You can then click accept or decline to the preference offered.  Once you accept the month offered, the other months you selected will grey out and check off as declined. Please discuss with the clerkship director if you need to make another arrangment before accepting or declining the position.  By Mid-January, the arrangements of the positions that were accepted should be finalized.


Be sure of the programs that you would like to clerk for that month before accepting that position. Any changes to your clerkships after confirming the month with the program will have to go through the clerkship coordinator at your school.  Depending on your school policy, you may not be able to make changes, so be certain.


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