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Overview of CASPR Cycle

  • Beginning in April, CASPR collects information from all CPME approved residency programs. This information is compiled into a directory, which is published in July.

  • Applications open in August and applicants can begin designating programs a few days after the directory is published.

  • In November, completed applicant files are distributed electronically to the programs. Via CASPRweb, programs can inform students when their application is complete and if a personal interview has been granted.

  • In January, the majority of programs participate in the Centralized Residency Interview Program (CRIP), a service provided by AACPM.

  • Ranking forms for the Match open to both students and residency programs in the day after CRIP

  • Match week occurs in the spring. There will be a series of rounds for the positions that did not fill after the initial Match. After the final round, the Match results which include who programs and students placed with will be available.

  • Following Match week, any unfilled positions are then posted on the website to provide an opportunity for graduates that did not participate in CASPR to find a position.

CASPRcycle Chart

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