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CASPR Directory

The initial registration period ends in July. At this point, programs that have completed their registration will be published in the CASPR Directory. Only programs with completed registration, including fees, will be included.

Programs that complete their registration after the initial deadline will be added to the Directory and the Designation form on a monthly basis.

Listing Format on

The Directory listing has been designed to provide information to applicants at a glance. The program name, city and state is listed, as well as the program number, the program type, and CRIP location. All approved CPME 300 programs are listed, so the status field indicates if a program is not participating or has withdrawn from the Match. In order to easily find programs that have been added after the initial Directory publication, there is a date posted field.  All fields are sortable by clicking on the column header, so if a student is only interested in PMSR programs, they can sort that column and only look at those programs.

  • P - Participating:  Programs that have completed their registration
  • NP -Not Participating:  Programs that have indicated they will not be participating in the 2016 CASPR Cycle.
  • I- Registration Incomplete:  Programs that have not completed registration.
  • W - Withdrawn:  Programs that completed registration for the 2020 cycle and were published in the directory but withdrew from CASPR.
  • NLA - No Longer Accepting:  After the initial distribution of applicant files, programs who are no longer accepting applications.
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